Start your adventure

Element Game

You can earn money while having fun with your friends

You will breed and transform your pets according to your tastes

This will completely change the way we watch video games we will be the Nft gaming revolution of all time,

You can explore a whole map of missions, participate in great tournaments, own great adventures and also create your own story.



First and Only Pets 100% pure

Pure pets are one of a kind with a limited supply which so that their price is always very high, you can buy the mixtures and create other new species according to their mixed elements.

Starter PACK

This egg has a team of 3 pets ready to start your story in Elements Game.
With a pure maximum 70%
$ 20 usd

This egg has a team of 3 pets ready to achieve glory in Elements Game.
With a maximum purity of 80%     $30 USD

This egg has a team of 3 pets ready to fight against the dark forces of Elements game and achieve victory.
With a maximum purity of 90%
$ 40 USD

This egg has a team of 3 pets ready to start a legendary adventure where everyone will talk about you.
This egg ensures you 1 pet of 100% purity (this is limited) and ensures you a Battle team with a purity superior to 90.1%

$ 50 USD

IMPORTANT: The value of each Elements game starter pack must be paid with the ELM Token

ElementS LAnds

The lands are highly desired by all players, since they are limited and in them you can obtain great rewards for being the owner of one of them.


The ELM token is the main currency of the game, with which you can trade in the elements market, evolve your costs, participate in tournaments and many more utilities

Those who have ELM in their wallets will automatically gain from any new user who buys or sells ELM


The ELM Token is a deflationary token, this means that it is increasingly scarce and its value It will go up constantly at the same time that its supply will progressively decrease.
Each transaction made with the ELM token will burn 1% of the transaction made, Also BREEDS transactions with ELM tokens will be burned.


From the first moment you own ELM tokens you will start to earn. The ELM ecosystem will distribute 4% of each transaction made to those who have ELM Tokens.
4% will be distributed equally according to the percentage you have of ELM tokens


Win Battles, Complete daily missions and events, participate in weekly tournaments and trade your pets to earn ELM Tokens


Choose the future of elements by voting for your favorite updates and earn rewards in ELM



Generate automatic income just for owning ELM tokens, the more tokens you have, the higher your earnings will be

Jang Wook

Game Developer

Yasung Jong

Programmer and developer

George Bronw

Co-Founder & CEO

Jhessy Hyun

marketing and alliances